Case Study - RMIT

Case Study - RMIT


Allocate Plus Implementation at RMIT increases student and staff satisfaction rates

RMIT is a dual sector University with multiple locations in Australia, Vietnam and Europe and more than 84,000 students.

  • RMIT Business Challenge
    • IT services need to provide an “Anytime”, “Anywhere”, “Any device” experience.
    • Services needed to be scalable.
    • The custom built first come, first served class registration process RMIT had been using, was deemed unsustainable being resource intensive, with limited system integration (to calendars for example).
    • Delays with enrolment changes being reflected in the timetable.
    • Students were being shown classes for which they were not eligible.
    • The timetabling system was leading to a poor user experience for both staff and students.
    • RMIT needed to be able to consider student preference during class allocation.
    • main concern was the load on the system at Go Live.
  • JDR Software Solution
    • The implementation of Allocate Plus collected student allocations (class registrations) and distributed individual student timetables.
    • The project included integrations to numerous established systems including the existing Timetabling system and Student Management System.
    • JDR Software worked with the RMIT team to ensure SAML/Shibboleth authentication processes were integrated properly.
    • The ability of Allocate Plus to scale enabled JDR Software to tweak the infrastructure to handle close to 300K allocations in under 2 seconds on average at Go Live.
    • Generated positive student feedback at Allocation opening.

"I have found the engagement, responsiveness, flexibility and professionalism shown by JDR to be 5 stars.

Not only willing to listen and respond to issues and initiatives but also willing to implement critical changes required by our institution ... in a timeframe that is better than we have ever expected or experienced from other vendors."

Warrick Burgess, Senior Manager, Timetabling Services, RMIT University, Melbourne

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