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Schedule Plus is a Timetabling (Scheduling) solution borne out of our clients requests that JDR address some of the pain points in the market and because we could see the synergies that clients could gain with a tightly integrated timetabling and allocation solution.
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Creating a University Timetable is all about aligning your resources, teaching activities, and student preferences to figure out WHAT to teach, WHEN and WHERE, by and for WHOM!

Our unique position as a vendor in the timetabling and allocation space has helped us to develop deep insight into the Australian tertiary education sector.

Our goal with Schedule Plus is to make this complex and critical task as simple as possible, while providing all the additional features that meet the unique requirements of Australian universities.

Not only do our clients want a feasible timetable but they want a quality timetable. That can be a trade-off between optimising the utilisation of physical space, meeting the needs of teaching staff, and providing a positive student experience. The balance of priorities will not be the same at every institution, which is why Schedule Plus provides a flexible solution that allows our clients to configure their own rules and processes.

We are proud to offer this product, which is a result of direct engagement with our clients who have provided ongoing feedback via our product evaluation program.


Schedule Plus Features

Schedule Plus is a class scheduling system designed to streamline and simplify an institution’s scheduling processes. Combining proven methodology with the power of cloud technologies and sophisticated algorithms, Schedule Plus provides a user centric, resource friendly solution to scheduling.

Perpetual Data Model

Plan across multiple calendar years, clash check across overlapping teaching periods, and easily refer to previous periods in the same instance as your current timetable.

Cloud based architecture and latest technology stack

Enjoy world class support from Australian-based industry experts as we release new features and software updates several times a year.


Seamless integration with Allocate Plus, Rooms Plus and publishing channels means less work for you, and our API Gateway provides flexible access to your scheduling data.


Our scalable infrastructure allows you to run multiple iterations of large scale scheduling problems to optimise your timetable, according to your institutions policies and priorities.

Real Time Calendar View

Timetable changes are pushed to all users in real time, so everyone can see the latest information at all times. No more conflicts!

In-built Data Capture Process

Eliminate exports and imports by using fine grained permissions that allow faculties to enter the appropriate information, directly into the system. Open certain programs, subjects, or activities to Data Capture while others remain closed.

Real Students

Once your timetable is published, track your actual enrolment numbers compared to your forecasts, and find the least disruptive time slots for last-minute schedule changes, thanks to the up-to-date data from Allocate Plus.

Resource Requirement Week Patterns

Target your resource requirements to only the weeks they are needed. Request an extra location in a particular week, or set up team teaching that accurately reflects staff usage.

Flexible Locations and Divisible Rooms

Create different versions of locations with different capacities and capabilities. Correctly clash-check shared spaces and rooms with operable walls.

Co-taught Activities

Share sets of activities across multiple subjects, while ensuring there are enough clash-free seats for students in the right classes.


Achieve the best learning outcome for your students by creating rules among activities. Order them, set intervals between them, ensure they take place in the same location, or start at the same time on the same or different days.

Ad-hoc Bookings

Reserve teaching or non-teaching spaces for non-teaching activities, outside of your timetabling process but with a single source of truth.

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