Rooms Plus Version 24 Release Notes

April 6, 2024
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Rooms Plus Version 24 results from hard work from our developers, testers, and operations team.

We are excited to bring our clients the next major release of Rooms Plus. At JDR Software we constantly strive to address enhancements and provide upgrades that make continuous improvements to our product suite.

We regularly collect client feedback at the Annual User Group Conference, which is subsequently used to help decide what enhancements are included in major releases.

Available hours

This release enhances several existing features and builds on the integration between Schedule Plus and Rooms Plus. Rooms Plus displays all availability rules associated with a resource, regardless of where the rules were set. Meaning users don’t need to check multiple systems to see if a resource is available. In addition, the timetabling team can see all Rooms Plus bookings in Schedule Plus.

Version 24 sees continued enhancements being made to how filtering works, with an even greater ability to filter your searches.

In addition, advances to the flexibility admin users have to limit or open up, the available hours for particular resources is another useful addition. This provides admin users with greater control over when they wish to make groups of resources available for booking.

Another new feature in V24 is the ability to add labels to booking types. This allows admin users to set a particular booking type to require additional information. This information must be captured at the time of booking. Examples of this would be ensuring the room booker specifies if there are catering requirements when booking an event space. Alternatively, the user may need certain qualifications to book a piece of science equipment.

To gain access to Rooms Plus Version 24 enhancements – and others contact us at!

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