Rooms Plus Version 23.6 Release Notes

January 11, 2024
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Rooms Plus Version 23.6 results from hard work from our developers, testers, and operations team. It is an exciting day for us here at JDR Software, as this is the first update to Rooms Plus being released since its launch last year.

At JDR Software we constantly strive to address enhancements and provide upgrades that continuously improve our product suite. We are excited to bring our clients the next version of Rooms Plus. Last year’s conference brought some client insights into how we can continuously improve our products. We are pleased to see some of that feedback already being implemented in this new version.

Lecture Theatre

In Rooms Plus Version 23.6, we added additional filters to narrow the user’s search for an available resource. Now, a user can be more specific with their request. Thus cutting down the myriad options that may have been available, to something much more targeted to the user’s needs. Instead of scrolling through a huge list of available options, it’s now a much more efficient and satisfactory process.

Users want to see an image of the actual resource they are reserving? No problem! Whether it’s a unique brand of microscope or users would like a visual of the room they are booking, either way, images are now available in Rooms Plus.

And suppose you want to prevent users from monopolising the Resource booking system. In that case, we have taken care of those concerns with the option to set limits on the number of bookings a user can make for a specific resource in a year.

To access these enhancements contact us at!

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