November 2023 WIL (Work Integrated Learning) program

November 12, 2023
November 2023 WIL Students

At JDR Software, we feel it’s important to contribute to the Higher Education industry in any way we can. We have 2 November 2023 WIL (Work Integrated Learning) participants from Deakin University.

November 2023 WIL Student, Ishwari

November 2023 WIL Student, Ishwari

Ishwari’s journey into the world of IT and Software Development isn’t unheard of, in that she didn’t initially set out to work specifically in this field. Starting a Bachelor’s in Electronics exposed her to a project where she was introduced to using Python. This changed her academic protectory, sparking an interest in programming. And ultimately resulted in her completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Computing.

Lucky to gain 4 years of work experience in the IT industry as a Software Developer, Ishawri then decided to further her studies. She is now in her final semester at Deakin University, studying for a Masters in IT, specialising in Data Science and Software Development.

Ishwari is hoping her time here at JDR Software as a junior tester will increase her technical prowess, but also give her the chance to see and learn about the entire software development lifecycle.



Khoa also joins us from Deakin University and is in his final year of a Bachelor of Cybersecurity degree.

November 2023 WIL Student, Khoa

November 2023 WIL Student, Khoa

Always curious and wanting to learn more, Khoa is very active in Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions. Building on his tertiary education in Cybersecurity, participating in CTF competitions gives him additional exposure to solving a set of computer security puzzles, or challenges, involving reverse-engineering and binary exploitation. Further educating himself, Khoa also uses his free time learning video game hacking as a way to practice problem-solving.

Joining JDR Software with the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program, Khoa hopes to gain a better understand of how the software industry operates. In addition he will also see and what it’s like working on software products for clients.

The JDR Software team wish Ishwari and Khoa every success during their November 2023 WIL placement here with us.

We regularly offer WIL positions to high-achieving, enthusiastic, and motivated students in their final year of study. Keep an eye on our news stories to see who we have joining us next.

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