March 2023 WIL (Work Integrated Learning) program

April 17, 2023
March 2023 WIL Students

At JDR Software, we feel it’s important to contribute to the Higher Education industry in any way we can. We have 3 March 2023 WIL (Work Integrated Learning) participants, all studying at Deakin University and spending the next few months with us.

March WIL Student - Michael

March WIL Student – Michael

Michael is studying a Bachelor of Information Technology with major’s in Cloud Computing & Application Development. Now, firmly entrenched in and intrigued by Software Development, this is not how he started out.  Originally wanting to get into Networking, little did he know he harboured a passion for programming and developing.

In joining JDR Software for his WIL placement, Michael is keen to understand how an organisation operates and how he can apply the knowledge learned at Deakin to its full potential. He’s also enjoying the opportunity to be a part of a healthy, productive and fast-paced environment where he’s able to apply, develop and hone his professional skills.

In the future, Michael hopes to be a Software Engineer or Developer, with the goal of potentially becoming a Full-Stack developer. At present, we are pleased to hear:

“I am really enjoying Automation/Manual Testing at this point in time!”

March 2023 WIL Student - Arshad

March 2023 WIL Student – Arshad

Arshad has had an interest in technology for many years, specifically how it interacts and affects our daily lives. Believing this could be a career path worth pursuing, Arshad is now nearing the end of his 4 year Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) degree.

The opportunity to hone and develop his classroom learning into practical, everyday applications is being explored with the test analyst position here at JDR Software. Whilst working with the Schedule Plus team, Arshad will enhance not just his testing abilities but also his problem-solving, analytical, and technical skills, providing him with invaluable first-hand experience.

“My goal is to be a part of the rapidly growing global software development industry. I am confident that the skills and experience I acquire through this WIL placement at JDR Software will give me a competitive advantage when I enter the broader workforce.”

March 2023 WIL Student - Syed

March 2023 WIL Student – Syed

Syed began his journey without prior knowledge of programming languages or software development. In his final semester of a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honors) degree, the Deakin experience has fuelled his love for coding.

Exposure to the opportunities that coding and programming can provide has meant Syed can see what a powerful tool it is for creating solutions to a wide range of problems. And problem solving and taking on challenging tasks that require complete immersion is something Syed is passionate about.

While at JDR Software, Syed hopes to put this passion to the test by working as a test analyst. It will be an opportunity to not only gain experience in the professional Software Development Industry but also to see what it means to work and collaborate with peers.

“While at JDR Software, I am eager to develop and refine my testing and automation skills to contribute to delivering outstanding products.”

The JDR Software team wish Michael, Arshad and Syed every success during their March 2023 WIL placement here with us.

We regularly offer WIL positions to high-achieving, enthusiastic, and motivated students in their final year of study. Keep an eye on our news stories to see who we have joining us next.

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