Allocate Plus Version 23.8 Release Notes

June 24, 2024
Allocate Plus V23.8 Release Notes

Allocate Plus Version 23.8 is the result of hard work from our developers, testers, and operations team.

At JDR Software we constantly strive to address enhancements and provide upgrades that continuously improve our product suite. We are excited to bring our clients the next version of Allocate Plus.

Version 23.8 release notes are now available.

Multipart display in Student Module

Multipart display in Student Module

In Allocate Plus Version 23.8, it is now possible to display the unit code as recorded in your SMS in the Student Module, making the interface much cleaner and simpler for your students. Experienced users will also notice a change to how multiparts are displayed in the Student Module. With a more logical sort order.

Unit code display in Student Module

Unit code display in Student Module

Both of these enhancements introduced here are a direct result of client feedback from previous User Group Conferences.

To access these enhancements – and others – read the latest release notes and raise a service desk ticket. Or contact us at to schedule your upgrade now!

Alternatively, if you wish to see these new enhancements in action, ask for a demo!

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