Allocate Plus Version 21 Release Notes

February 1, 2022
Allocate Plus Release Notes v21

Allocate Plus Version 21 is the result of hard work from our developers, testers, and operations team.

We are excited to bring our clients the next version of Allocate Plus. At JDR Software we constantly strive to address enhancements and provide upgrades that make continuous improvements to our product suite.

We regularly collect client feedback at the Annual User Group Conference, which is subsequently used to help decide what enhancements are included in major releases.

This major release includes enhanced Utilisation Reporting and Activity Combinations.

Our Room Utilisation Report allows users to set certain parameters enabling clients to produce an exportable report. The report shows underutilised rooms and occupancy % amongst other variables. You can drill down to reveal the specific activities that comprise the room utilisation data or view it at the room level.

Room Utilisation Report

Room Utilisation Report

The introduction of Combinations concept will allow staff to keep a group of students together throughout the different subjects that make up a course or program.

Combination Screen

Combination Screen

Some of the other enhancements added to Allocate Plus include:

  • An Attendance feature in the Staff Module to allow staff to record and review attendance.
  • The ability for students to self-manage their attendance records.

To gain access to Allocate Plus Version 21 enhancements – and others – read the latest release notes and raise a service desk ticket. Or contact us at to schedule your upgrade now!

Or, to see these new enhancements in action, ask for a demo!

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