2023 JDR Software Conference – Day 3 and final wrap up!

November 15, 2023
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That’s a wrap for Day 3 and the 2023 JDR Software Conference!

Today we introduced clients to Rooms Plus. A resource management system designed to streamline and simplify an institution’s timetabling scheduling processes. With custom fields and forms for each type of booking. Users can collect catering requirements, risk management plans, and other important details at the time of booking.

It was great to see our clients liaising and chatting with each other. Does this scene look familiar? Schedule Plus removes the need to keep your timetable calendar on a reference card.

Syd Uni, Canberra Uni and Monash College compare their timetables!

Syd Uni, Canberra Uni and Monash College compare their timetables!

Updates from the team on how to access our FAQ and tips on how to perform regular repeatable tasks in a quicker and more efficient manner were greatly appreciated. Find a copy of the presentation here.

Always of interest is the Roadmap presentation, sharing our near term plans for future development of the PLUS Suite.

Thank you to all our valued clients who took the time to attend over the past 3 days and share your thoughts and feedback on the JDR Software PLUS Suite.

See you all next year!

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