2023 1H Opening Season Over – for now!

February 27, 2023
Allocate Plus Opening season

As the Australian summer draws to a close, so too does our 2023 1H ‘Opening season’ for our Allocate Plus clients.

The last few months have been an incredibly busy period for our timetablers and schedulers at institutions. Preparations for class schedules and associated resources for the first half of 2023 to allow for individual, clash-free timetables for all enrolled students have now been completed. Congratulations to all our clients on a successful start to 2023!

Allocate Plus Openings

The ‘Control Room’ in full swing, actively monitoring the infrastructure during an opening event.

Here at JDR Software, we endeavour to make the process as seamless and issue-free as possible. We have a dedicated team of people working ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure an excellent student experience. The 2023 1H ‘Opening Season’ is now effectively over.

During this time we managed over 6Mil allocations and close to 3Mil preferences! A great sign for our institutions as that’s an increase of between 10 -20% from last year.

Are you looking to increase your Student Satisfaction results, provide easily accessible services to increase engagement with students and seamlessly integrate your student timetabling solution with your existing Student Management and Resource Management solutions? Give us a call today for a demo!

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